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Title : Art of Osian temples
Author : Asha Kalia
ISBN : 8170171571
Pages : 179
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Year : 1982
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This book is a result of several years of intensive research which consisted of several visits to the pleasing hamlet of Osian, the libraries and museums of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. Osian of today is a small town, but in its heyday, it was a bustling city and trade center of Northern India. Here convoys brought grains and produce, the citizens were contented and happy. To demonstrate their love for God,for what He had given them, they built shrines and temples. The temples of Osian are comparable in beauty to those of Khajuraho and Bhubaneswar. The temples or Osian, though in a poor state now, have preserved their record well. The temples read like an illustrated book. In this book, an attempt has been made to show what India was like during the reign of Gujara-Pratiharas. The sculptures of Osian show us what people wore, how they amused themselves, how they worshipped, how they lived, what their social life was like and what they believed in. This book is presented in sixteen chapters. Each chapter is self-contained and deals with a specific aspect of culture. Chapter One introduces the book, Chapter Two talks about the social life whereas Chapters Three through Six tell us about the dress, weapons, cosmetics, educational systems and how the people passed their leisure-time. Chapter Seven of the book deals with the economic life and Chapter Eight tells about the religious beliefs and method of worship. The major religions, including Hinduism and Jainism, are presented in Chapters Nine through Sixteen.

About Author

Asha Kalia was born in Multan, India, which is now in Pakistan.  She received her education in the historic city of Lucknow.  From the University of Lucknow, she received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Ancient Indian History.  For her Ph.D. she explored the ancient glory of historic Rajasthan, in particular, the ruined but magnificent Hindu and Jaina temples of Osian.  As a research scholar from the University of Lucknow, she was the first archaeologist to conduct a most comprehensive study of the region.  In her investigation she was ably guided by Professor R.K. Dikshit.  Her Ph.D. dissertation was reviewed by scholars of the Oxford University and eminent Indian art historians such as Mr. Mulk Raj Anand.  Her work was considered as a major contribution to the understanding of the socio-economic aspects of the 8th-12the century A.D. India and her work was recommended for a gold medal.

Following her Ph.D., she joined the K.D. Girls College and taught Ancient Indian History and Archaeology until her marriage in 1976.  After her marriage, she moved to Chicageo, U.S.A.  At Chicago she is listed as archaeological consultant by a major international engineering and consulting company.  In 1977 as a field archaeologist she conducted a field study in the Benguet province of the Philippines.  The investigation was about the ancient regional practice of mummifying the dead and storing the mummies in highly decorated wooden boxes.  The coffins were stored in natural and man-made caves.

To further her understanding and to broaden her horizon of 8th to 12th century A.D. Hinduism and Buddhism, she visited the ancient Hindu temples of Bali, the Buddhist temples of Borobudur, Indonesia, Thailand, and the ruined Buddhist temples of Pagan, Burma.

Asha is a member of the U.P. Historical Society, India, and the Association of the Field Archaeology of the U.S.A


* Foreword * Preface * Acknowledgement * List of Abbreviations * List of Photographs * History and Temples of Osian * Social Life * Dress * Ornaments * Coiffure and Cosmetics * Amusements and Pastimes * Economic Life * Religion * Vaisnavism * Saivism * Saktism * The Ganapatya Cult * The Saura Cult * Syncretic Images * Other Adeities * Jaina Iconography * List of Illustrations * Bibliography * Index

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