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Title : Ecology, Culture and Philosophy
Author : Madhuri Sondhi and Mary M. Walker
ISBN : 817017239x
Pages : 188
Size : 6×9
Weight : 0.4 kg
Year : 1988
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Price : Rs. 130.00

Ecology, Culture and Philosophy is an important collection of essays that illustrate the continuing validity and relevance of the system of metaphysics developed by Basanta Kumar Mallik, one of the great 20th century Indian thinkers. One of the contributors unravels issues in ecology, and discusses how radically new ways of thinking can offer a way out of the crisis of the modern industrial system which threatens the survival of the human species. Another study attempts to see the conjection of musical development and cultural values in relation to both tradition and modern human experience. Yet another essay examines the domain of philosophical enquiry and develops a new perspective on the relationship between ideas and patterns of thought. Central of Mallik?s thinking were problems of peace and human survival. This collection focuses on the new Weltanschauung of Mallik and makes his philosophical work accessible to the general reader by providing explications of key concepts. Drawing on Mallik?s wider vision of a more humane future, the contributors consider fresh and more harmonious ways of thinking about how we can relate to our environment, and how we can creatively overcome the threats to cultural values. The result is a volume which makes us see our current crisis against a horizon of possibilities ensuring human survival if new ways of thinking can be come prevalent.

About Author

Madhuri sondhi (b.1935), philosophy honours graduate from Edinburg University, is a fellow of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research.  She is author of TheMaking of Peace A Logical and Societal Frame work according to Basanta Kumar Mallik.  Since 1964 she has been editor of the review Shakti, and has written numerous articles relating to philosophical, sociological and political issues.  Sondhi is a member of the Panel of the Great Peace Journey’s Global Popular Summit in New York (1988) along with Dr. Inga Thornsson (Sweden), Dr. Dorothee Solle (West Germany), Prof. Richard Falk (USA), Prof. Frank Barnaby (UK) and other peace thinkers and activists.

Mary M. Walker (B.1913), graduated in French Honours from University College, London.  Her variegated career included a spell under Barold Butler when he was Director at Nuffield College, Oxford, and again at the Ministry of Information, London.  She was on the research staff with G.D.H. Cole at Nuffield, and later at the Political and Economic Planning Research Unit in London.  She also worked for several years in the Education Department of the Buckinghamshire County Council before retirement.  She formed part of the philosophical group associated with Mallik from 1937 onwards, which continued to function for many years after he passed away in 1958.


* Acknowledgements: Madhuri Sondhi * List of Abbreviations * Preface * Mary M. Walker Introduction: Madhuri Sondhi * Thinking Ecologically: Madhuri Sondhi * Civilisational Value in Musical Cultures: Mary M. Walker * Recent Past and Dawning Future * Alan Collingridge * About the Contributors * Select Bibliography * Index

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